Feb. 3 PACT Meeting: Innovative Pragmatic Trials

Join your colleagues from across the country on Feb. 3 at the Westin Ottawa for the Winter PACT Meeting. The meeting is once again in collaboration with the LUCAS 2017 conference.

Dr. Dean Fergusson will speak about Innovative Pragmatic Trials. Given the need of comparative effectiveness trials and the many logistical and regulatory challenges facing traditional clinical trials, there is an urgent and vital need for the development and implementation of innovative trial methods and approaches.

An innovative pragmatic trial platform enables researchers to compare established, funded standard of care treatments where clinical equipoise exists and address relevant patient-focused questions not answered through the current trials model and mindset.  Such innovative pragmatic trials challenge the fundamental processes of traditional trial performance across the spectrum from design (patient-centred, patient-determined, simple unrestrictive eligibility criteria, pragmatic endpoints), methodology (oral consent, randomisation with mobile apps in the clinic, harnessing big data and digital technologies to collect data) – all with the aim of reducing the amount of time needed to answer research questions. In doing so, innovative pragmatic trials increase the relevance and generalizability of research findings to patients, health care providers and policy makers.

Consider presenting

Attendees are encouraged to consider presenting. Those interested in presenter should contact Heather Butler by January 3. New protocol presenters will be provided a template presentation to guide the talk.

For more information on the event, including how to book your accommodations, email Heather Butler.