Responsibilities of the Chair to PIs & Site Investigators

  • Summarize PACT feedback
  • Write support letters for PACT grants
  • Advocate for each study across sites
  • Help to problem solve
  • Ensure PACT honours commitments
  • Ensure study completion
  • Ensure publication
  • Liaise with funding partners as necessary

Responsibilities of PACT to Each Study

  • Read pre-circulated documents in advance
  • Provide constructive feedback on rigour, relevance, ethics, feasibility & fundability
  • Consider mentorship & partnership
  • Problem solve during ongoing trials
  • Share tips, study aids & other documents
  • Ensure study completion
  • Help to interpret study results
  • Review grants & manuscripts within 2 weeks

Responsibilities of PIs to PACT

  • Pre-circulate documents in advance
  • Follow presentation guides
  • Explain responses to feedback
  • Be clear on collaborator commitments
  • Provide detailed study update
  • Share challenges as well as successes
  • Attend each meeting or send representative
  • Develop and commit to (revised) timelines
  • Ensure study completion

Responsibilities of PIs to the Site Investigators

  • Provide all necessary study documents
  • Provide initial training & ongoing feedback
  • Communicate study progress & set-backs
  • Advise on local feasibility issues
  • Seek advice on study issues
  • Follow through on commitments
  • Develop & commit to (revised) timelines
  • Publish scientific progress
  • Ensure study completion

Responsibilities of Site Investigators to Each Study

  • Understand collaborator commitments
  • Problem solve local feasibility issues
  • Communicate study progress & set-backs
  • Advocate locally for the study
  • Follow through on commitments
  • Suggest improvements
  • Collaborate on scientific progress reports
  • Ensure study completion