Perioperative Anesthesia Clinical Trials (PACT) Network

PACT is an inclusive, Canada-wide network of experts interested in perioperative care research. Our aim is to advance the science and practice of anesthesia through the development, design and implementation of the highest quality clinical research and its translation into improved health practices, products and outcomes.

Members include:

  • Clinicians and Clinician scientists
  • PhD researchers
  • Trainees (residents, fellows, graduate students)
  • Others (coordinators, statisticians, etc.)


Promoting practice changing research in perioperative medicine


To improve patient centered perioperative care through innovative discovery, rigorous research and collaboration. To fill our mandate we:

  • Conduct peer reviewed investigator initiated research
  • Provide education/mentorship through presentation and regular review of relevant topics to members and peer review of all manuscripts and protocols
  • Provide collegial collaboration and partnership with our members, our funders and other similar research groups


  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Integrity

Our 2016 Fact Sheet is also available.